Catchr. A better way to run your business.

With all-purpose project and business setup, interactive map, feature rich activities, style full chat, and more, Catchr helps you run your business.

User Interface

Organise information in logical entities and make it easy for your users to navigate and get work done. The right information in the right place.

Interactive Map

Give your business entities a geolocation and make them interactive for your users. This way it will be easy to use and you will get the information you need.

Featured Chat

Get the great news when it’s happening. The quickest way of communicating is real time chat – and we have build a great chat function into Catchr.

Useful Notifications

Be the first to know – and set your own notifications. With Catchr you are in charge of the notifications you get.

Share Photos

Seeing is believing – also in apps on your phone. Catchr support taking and sharing photos of your work and business. This will make it incredible easy for your users to communicate work progress and ideas.

Introducing Flow Activities

As the first app on the market we support flow activities that lets your activities go through different stages in custom order.

Follow Progress

Everybody works with activities and Catchr makes them look great. Track status and follow progress on your project activities. Use the build in label system to filter activities visually.

Bar Codes

Bar codes are useful for any company weather used on inventory or administration. They help streamline many processes and makes the work easier at the same time.

Truck work order dispatch system

See how Catchr can be used as a platform for dispatching work orders, track progress on orders and make profitability analysis based on truck, client or time period.

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Project management system

See how Catchr can be used as a platform for managing projects, track progress on activities and how to use Catchr data to automatically generate business reports saving hours of manual work.

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